Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends


ABOVE: My first year of property taxes :)

Lately I’ve been fortunate to pair up with some incredible folks in the tiny house community. Frankly two years ago when I built mine I wasn’t even aware a such a community existed. It’s really exciting to connect with so many people who are trying to simplify and in turn lead a more meaningful life.

Below are some blogs I’ve been featured on lately, each one of these sites are a phenomenal resource for anyone interested in the tiny house lifestyle:

Macy Miller of Mini Motives (say that 10x fast) is also a Boise gal as well as an architect in training. She’s on the home stretch of her tiny house and has documented every step of the process, even breaking her back (ouch!).


I also did a guest blog on Tiny House Listings as well about building on a budget. They have a ton of inspiration posted almost daily on their Facebook as well so be sure to like them as well.


Most recently I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Andrew Odom of Tiny Revolution. Andrew & his wife Crystal along with their daughter are perfect examples of not only how a family of three can not only survive in a small house but thrive in one. You can listen to our chat here:


And kind of an off topic an interview that I did with Tony Gonzales of The Tennessean this summer when I was traveling/working/couch surfing in Nashville for CMA Fest. If you haven’t heard of couch surfing its a pretty cool social network for travelers who tend to be a little on the granola side. I’ve used it several times always coming away with a new perspective. You can view the video of the interview below:


9 Responses to Odds & Ends

  1. ram ramakar says:

    I once lived in a converted chicken-shack in Canada, so I understand little house living. I’m proud of you for living what you believe, very cool! ram

  2. jacgolf says:

    Love the tax bill. Not often you have to consider the cost of postage in whether or not to make installments.

    Inspiring story on the house even though you are a typical american and immediately had to add on! 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Laura says:

    Great downsize on the taxes Kristie!
    All the best.

    • kristiewolfe says:

      Thanks Laura, I just spent the last half hour reading your blog, very cool, I love all the trees.

      • Laura says:

        Thanks Kristie! I read yours end to end yesterday. So far, your taxes are the cheapest I have ever seen and I also love that you are frugal in the choices that you make. I would love to see bigger pics from your addition and a few more inside the house too, but I see you just started your blog, so I have to learn some patience!
        Good luck with all!

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