Before the Blog

Before the Blog

“From small beginings come great things.” -Proverbs

I started this blog after I had already built and lived in my tiny house for a year and a half. It didn’t occur to me that people would even be interested in what I was doing so I didn’t take many pictures on the first build.

The pictures that I’m posting are from the original build, since then I have purchased land and added a tiny addition.

tiny house build

Bought the trailer for $300. That’s my Uncle Scott on the left who frequents auctions, yard sales and such and lucky for me can’t pass up a good deal whether he needs it or not.
Standing next to him is my mom and co-conspirator who stayed in town for a month to help me everyday. At the time I had a full time job, when I was at work she would be searching craigslist and picking up supplies.
I’m on the trailer stapling tar paper to the insulated box that fit underneath the trailer.


Most of this lumber was reclaimed. You can see some of the floor boards are lighter in color, those are ones I had to buy new. The darker ones came with the trailer.


Recruitment day, my brother Sam and Uncle Scott came by to help with the roof line. The entire structure from ground to pitch cannot exceed 13.5′ so that it can fit under traffic lights.


My girlfriend Alexa testing out the loft. Old hollow core closet doors make up the base of the loft. The chip board on the ceiling is black because it came used from a spook alley.
The insulation was free and used as well but I had to shake the rat droppings out of each piece.
I paid $40 for the used shower shell, it was larger than I had planned so the bathroom gained a little more space.


My Aunt Vicki let me construct this in her backyard. This is towards the end of week 3. The dresser that is sitting under the trailer tongue later was deconstructed and made into a couch with storage underneath.

This is the basic floor plan that I must have sketched a hundred times. I put the door on the long side of the trailer, sacrificing cuteness for a more open space.

tiny house in route, very nerve raking. I didn't know how much it weighed or even how much it should weigh.

tiny house in route, very nerve raking. I didn’t know how much it weighed or even how much it should weigh.

this is the dresser turned couch that opens up for storage.  it's also been the spare bedroom a time or two.

this is the dresser turned couch that opens up for storage. it’s also been the spare bedroom a time or two.

On the left side is my 24" closet. The right side bank of drawers hides the 20 gal water heater. The sleeping loft is up top and the grey door leads to the bathroom.

On the left side is my 24″ closet. The right side bank of drawers hides the 20 gal water heater. The sleeping loft is up top and the grey door leads to the bathroom.

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  1. anotherkindofdrew says:

    I was interested from the first moment I heard of your build. And I am still interested in the most recent addition photos. How is the kitchen working out for you?

    • kristiewolfe says:

      I been at a stand still with the kitchen addition, I’ve been visiting family and then working some out of town events.

      I saw your kitchen and it is stunning! It will be really funny when I post pics of mine they’re on complete opposite ends of the spectrum haa

  2. ram ramakar says:

    It reminds me of when I bought a ’56 Ford pick-up in Ojai, California back in the 1970’s, found a ‘covered-wagon’ style hoop-frame for the back, made a canvas cover and a bed out of a sheet of plywood with two storage boxes underneath the full length of the bed on either side. I lived in my ‘pioneer’ pick-up for a while after traveling up to Canada in it. It was my home, vehicle and storage for all my possessions, which were few. Dig what you’re doing!

    ram ramakar

    Sent from my iPod

  3. Sean says:

    Really awesome! I can’t wait to build mine!

  4. Dave Raftery says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and additional info, Kristie. (although I didn’t need to know about the droppings!) I finally finished my tiny house storage shed. My wife has decorated the door and put up a flag. I still plan to make some shutters and flower boxes this year. I’m moving on to my next project: building a 14 foot sailboat in my garage; should keep me busy for the next 2 years! I plan to blog about that too. Wishing you a great 2013! Dave

    • kristiewolfe says:

      Hey Dave the sailboat sounds like an amazing project, can’t wait to read about it.
      I mentioned the droppings to illustrate what I had to do to do to keep the price low, not always pretty haa

  5. dombbomb says:

    I love this blog! Thank you for taking us through the process via pics. I like the idea of using an old dresser and turning it into storage/seating. My dream has always been to live in the country on my own plot of land. Unfortunately, I was unfocused and unmotivated in my 20’s. Now at 35, I own a small house in Minneapolis which I bought in September 2011. My plan is to sell in a few years (all the while saving my money) and buying some wooded land. I also want to live off the grid, but I’m a little nervous about it: Will I be strong enough to cut wood for a burning stove? How do I deal with a composting toilet (or how do I deal with using an outhouse -if the property has one)? And of course: What about water?! Lastly, do I need TWO tiny houses if I can’t stand living in a small space with my boyfriend? Alright, enough rambling. I look forward to more posts on your blog.

  6. […] Wolfe, of Tiny House on the Prairie, is someone who seems like she’s into this idea too. She already built her first home in Idaho. And now she’s working on her second one in […]

  7. D m says:

    Very beautiful and kristie. I would love one in mc call or Idaho city :)) thanks for the inspiration. Xo

  8. I came here from the Tine House Talk blog that mentioned your multiple dwellings in Idaho and Hawaii, and must say, I like how you converted a dresser into a couch that accommodates multiple uses such as guest bedding and storage. I like furniture that offers storage space but have a hard time finding great ready-made options because I often don’t know where to look or the ready-made ones that I find are very expensive. Needless to say…your solution for capitalizing on the space available to you in that house is pretty creative!

  9. Cynthia says:

    love the ceiling idea!

  10. Cynthia says:

    When living in the city with your tiny house, what does one do with the grey water when you have a composting toilet? I can’t find the info anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks! Love your little house too :)

    • kristiewp says:

      Yea most tiny houses on trailers have composting toilets. Mine was a normal one with an RV hookup but now I’m on a septic system.

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