Idaho Potato Tour

Idaho Potato Tour


It’s official – I was hired to be part of a three man team to tour the country to show off Idaho’s 6 ton potato!!! I will be leaving April 1st and won’t be returning until mid November. This is a chance of a lifetime disguised as a job – in the first month alone we will be stopping in 7 states I have never been to!

Those of you who know me know how proud I am to be from Idaho and how much I love/consume our potatoes. So much so that when I had to close my clothing boutique, I made a list of places I would want to work and Simplot (one of Idaho’s biggest potato processors) was right at the top of my list and I practically begged to be given a shot. For almost a year I worked mostly in receiving where I got so filthy everyday unloading potatoes, I was told I couldn’t walk through the factory to the break room because they were worried about contamination. I loved my time there and the people I worked with.

Idaho potato commission big potato truck 454

You can find more details at as well as links to our facebook and twitter pages. I have a lot to do, as well as people to see in the next week. If we stop in your town please come by or drop me a line and we’ll try to meet up :)

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  1. ram ramakar says:

    Hi Kristie, Idaho mashed potatoes is one of my favorites! Are you coming to Eugene or Roseburg, Oregon? ram

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  2. Brandi says:

    Awesome! What an adventure….Will ya be done with your kitchen addition before ya leave on your trip?

  3. anotherkindofdrew says:

    Would love to meet you in Eastern NC. I am going to check out the site and tour info now. I think you have my phone number if you get to our area!!!!

  4. Rob McBride says:

    Congrats, that is fantastic

  5. TG says:

    Congratulations. And just so you’ll know, folks down here in the South call ’em either taters or sweet taters … Come visit Memphis and our new Kroc Center, it would make JR Simplot proud.

  6. cheryl says:

    What a fun way to spend the summer! Congratulations!

  7. goldenpath2 says:

    Kristie, I have seen and loved the television ad about the beautiful Idaho potato big rig…and can only wish you the best year ever, you will come away from the expierience with amazing memories of this beautiful country and her magnificent people. Have fun.

    • kristiewolfe says:

      Thank you, it’s sad to leave my house and my dog but like you said it’s going to be an incredible experience.

      I’ve been to all the western states a lot but never further east then TN so I’ll get to visit a bunch of new places.

  8. Jason says:

    Kristie, you got me here because of the tiny house aspect. I have to admit, I am jealous. But what is really cool is you are not tied down by your….
    You are free to do as you please, travel without worry of ‘will someone break into my house and take my stuff?’ (Though I would think the someone taking the actual HOUSE may be more probable!).
    Enjoy the trip, take lots of pics and even more memories with your eyes!

  9. douglas says:

    What a great tiny house. So refreshing to see you embrassing a less is more project like this.
    …and now you get to travel the states with bud the spud!
    Bon voyage


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