Tiny House Addition Update

Tiny House Addition Update

Today is the day I locked up the tiny house and set out on The Famous Idaho Potato Tour. I didn’t have a chance to completely finish the inside of the addition but I promised I would at least post pictures of the progress this far.

Kitchen & FireplaceThe fireplace will be stacked rock and behind there will be shelves. The picture on the left is of the kitchen. The stove will be on the left and a small refrigerator on the right. The sink will be under the round window. We put corrugated metal on the ceiling and there will be a large wood beam going down the roofline.20130401-155011.jpg

I made a stencil at Kinkos for the wall print. The walls are painted a flat gray and the stencil is essentially the same color but in a gloss. The effect is really quite pretty when you move through the place the light catches the pattern.

The top right picture is of the paper bag floors which I love! It cost around $30 worth of glue and polyurethane. Was super easy but a tedious process even in a small space.

The bottom picture is of the kitchen cabinets. The unit is made from a coffee table and 3 sets of thrift store drawers. Total $90. I think I’m going to go with a butcher block countertop.


This is not a pretty view but it shows where the addition and the original structure connect. One closet will be a pantry and the other one will house my solar power batteries. The reason there are stairs is because the original house sat higher because of it being on wheels.


You can’t tell how pretty the curtains are so you’ll have to trust me that they’re gorgeous! These thrift store doors and window were $100 and I have an amazingly peaceful view of the sunsets.

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  1. Michelle Smith says:

    SO awesome Kristie. I always tell Jesse about your cool Tiny House projects! I think it’s super cool what you are doing! Especially buying property around the world and having vacation homes all over! How fun!

  2. Michael J. Smith says:

    Happy to have my mystery solved. I’m in the Idaho Army National Guard, and have driven up and down that road for 3 decades now. I was wondering who had decided to live there, and why. Now I know!

    Did you know that you live near a former Titan II ICBM base? Just north of you, you can find it on Google Earth. My connection to that – my father worked there. There is also a single grave not too far away, Rosa Clopton was her name. Found that one day as a geocache. The railroad water tank near you once held 200,000 gallons of water for Union Pacific steam locomotives, and was said to be fed by “a deep well”. Your desert has a long history.

    My advice to you, having worked out in the desert for several decades, is to keep a firebreak completely around your house. Once a fire starts out there in that wind, it doesn’t stop until it runs out of fuel. I’ve seen some fires out there moving at better than 30 mph.

    Best of luck to you out there. Stay safe.



  3. Brandi Jimenez says:

    Love it!!! Love seeing all the progress its amazing! Best Wishes on your adventure… BTW who is watching your lil dog??

  4. netskool says:

    awesome effort..

    you need guts and ingenuity to live in such a small house

  5. Carolyn says:

    Hi Kristie, I found this site on small cabin forum that I joined today. I love the color and stencil that you used.Do you mind sharing the colors? I have a birch tree stencil that I plan to use on the tiny-off the grid home that me and Hubby will be building next year.It’s in the woods, but I still want to be styling,LOL…
    Glad I found your site,
    Carolyn in New Hampshire

  6. ScottBenson says:


  7. Barb Ryan says:

    Hi Kristie! So nice meeting you at Oyamel this evening. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and the house is GREAT! Barb and Chuck

  8. M Perez says:

    Interesting to see what it looks like on the inside. I drive by it when I go to work. I didn’t know you did this in different location, pretty cool.

    • kristiewp says:

      Haha ya the inside is a lot prettier than the outside! Hopefully this summer I can find the time to rock the exterior.

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