Black & White Christmas Tree

Black & White Christmas Tree


I just finished my second annual Festival of Trees for my Dad’s High School in SouthEast Idaho.

This year I saw a small tabletop black Christmas tree and loved it instantly. We had a pre-lit 7.5′ tree donated to work with. So we bought a few cans of matte black spray paint and then a few more and then some more in a black gloss spray paint to highlight it. Definitely a tedious process.


Just like last year we were on very limited budget of $200 the spray paint sent us a over to about $250. Gordmon’s had a bunch of great snow owls in various sizes so we spent $100 on 12 of those.


We also bought some small ornaments that were frosted nests with bird eggs. We needed some bigger pieces to compete with the large soft flowers from Tai Pan Trading so we added a white feather boa behind the nests.


For the rest we just blinged it out with jewely accessories. We found some that looked like oversized dangly earrings but they were pricy so we made larger look alikes with odds and ends we had lying around. We lucked out and The Dollar Tree had still had the big ornate handle mirrors that we used last year on the Peacock Christmas Tree.


We finished the tree with black and silver bulb ortaments. We took a part a clear and black strand of teardrop jewel garland from the wedding section at Hobby Lobby an made them into individual ortaments to place at the ends of the branches to give the illusion it’s dripping with jewels. To top it off we ran silver beads vertical instead of the traditional horizontal.


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  1. Luv the creativity. Our StarEZ NitEZ wreath turned out OK but it looked like somebody dropped it before hanging it up. I should have wired things up a little better. Still it was pretty cool seeing a SOLD sign on the wreath on the first day! Next year we are getting a ribbon for an asskickin design!!! :)

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