Hawaii Bound

Hawaii Bound

This is the road that leads to my lot on the Big Island

This is the road that leads to my lot on the Big Island

I’m headed to Hawaii in a little over a week to start the build of my second tiny home! I have never been there and there so many variables that I don’t have a concrete plan…yet. So I’ll share what I do know and update ya’ll as I go.
On the 28th of December my parents and I will fly to Honolulu and then take another flight to The Big Island. My dad will have to return to teaching so he will only be able to join us the first week. My mom and I don’t have return flights yet because we’re not sure when we will be at a good stopping point ie when I run out of money. It took about a month to build my tiny home and a month more to do the addition however I was working full time and only could build on nights and weekends. Being in a foreign place to me and all the rain I’m giving us about 2 months this time around.  My plot of land cost $8,000 and I’m taking $15,000 over there for the build. That is well over my original tiny house budget but I will have limited resources on the island and everything is a bit more expensive. Plus that money is going towards our survival as well, food, gas, vehicle etc.  
Big Island Hawaii Property

Big Island Hawaii Property

The first thing I will be doing is getting what they call a ‘pinner’ to mark my property lines. Even though I don’t have neighbors yet, I don’t want to accidentally build to close too them. I’m told this will cost a few hundred dollars. Next I’ll start looking for an affordable van or truck that I can buy and resale or borrow or rent.  I will rent a small studio house by the week from a friend of a friend until we have something up that we can camp in. 
This is the look I'm going for but on taller stilts.

This is the look I’m going for but on taller stilts.

I’m planning a bamboo hut with thatched roof look on a tall platform a la tree house. I want it high but how high is the question which will be determined by several factors, how tall the trees are, the lumber available, and of course cost. I have dozens of sketches on graph paper ranging from square to octagon to loft or no loft. It just depends on what I find when I get there. 
There are so many dreams realized with this build, having multiple home for friends and family, being able to take my parents on vacation (even though I’m putting them to work), not to mention building a freaking tree house!! I’m going to be doing a lot of posts for the next couple months on this project so if your interested in following along make sure you subscribe with your email address.

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  1. dana says:

    Have you looked at the Balinese modified Rice barns? http://www.baliwoodworld.com/DSCN5822.JPG Also Ironwood shingles might be worth looking at because of their resistance to tropical climates and squatters (you’d be surprised over there)

  2. Ramona says:

    I hope you are taking your cute little doggie with you! Good luck! :)

  3. Devin Debow says:

    Very inspirational! Looking forward to seeing the process! Go For It!

  4. Hi Kristie, may I ask how you found your land as you said that you bought it sight unseen?

  5. Craigslist is a beautiful thing! Thanks.

  6. Zaga says:

    We stayed in the Pahoa/Kapoho area of the Big Island on our honeymoon – it looked like where you are :) Loved it there!

  7. I’m going to start following your blog! It’s my dream to build a tiny house on the Big Island.

  8. Michael says:

    I must say I’m highly inspired. I’ve been looking for land site unseen for some time. I just have to bite the bullet. I feel like I should take a workshop to learn how to build a house first but I’m pretty handy. Did you know anything before you built the other tiny house? How’d you learn how to lay floor joists? How to get your roof on? Highly impressed.

    • kristiewp says:

      Yea I had some background remodeling houses and I grew up around my mom doing it too. However there was still a ton I learned and still a ton of stuff Im looking forward to learning. I just took things day by day and step by step, asked a lot of questions, watched a lot of YouTube and made a lot of mistakes.

  9. Daniel James says:

    Congratulations on your build Kristie. I’ve been looking at the land in the same area and had thought of doing the same thing. How old do you think the forest is in your area? I know that most of that side of the island is in the lava flow from the valcano and gets wiped out every know and then but I too would like some trees around my property. Enjoy! Dan

  10. lisset says:

    Aloha Kristie,
    I’m interested in similarly building my own tiny home on the big island. Your blog is very informative and inspiring. If you don’t mind, I was wondering, did you design the plans yourself? and I understand you and your family got your hands dirty, but how did you find a tiny home contractor? Mahalo!

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