Tiny House on the Big Island: 3rd Edition

Tiny House on the Big Island: 3rd Edition


Day 11: Today was awesome because I switched mobile carriers!!! Now I have a functioning gps, and internet, makes things so much easier in a place that’s new to you.

We went hiking around Volcano National Park which is about 7 miles from my property. In the area we were in there were a bunch of Ohia trees and Hapu’u ferns. I have a bunch on those ferns on my land and apparently they’re quite valuable. The trunk is made up of a bunch of tiny bristols that you can pull apart in clumps which is really condusive to growing Orchids. The locals will grab a clump and tie it to a tree trunk and put the flower bulb in it. It blooms right there on the trunk, no planter box needed.

<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSbNArbb8T4&sns=embr />

Day 12: we got an early start at the property today. We took out some trees that I thought would be in the bobcats way. He can move them but the less he has to do the less I have to pay. I got pretty good using the chainsaw.

I also started cutting the brush to form a walkway just for the heck of it behind our clearing only to find a huge cleared spot with not so much as a tree about 50′ back towards the end of my property line! It does have a lot of foliage so I couldn’t just walk onto it but still – we could have built it there.

I’m going to stick with the original clearing that we made which is 70′ from the road. If all goes well with this one maybe I’ll make a second entrance in the future and build another treehouse.


Day 13: We took my dad to the airport today. Now it just my mom & I. We’re trying to plan as much as we can but it’s hard until we know what we’re working with, dirt or lava and posts or poles.

I have the tiny house all planned it’s just the how we go about the stilts that is yet to be determined. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that the bobcat can come tomorrow.


Day 14: Well two weeks in and we finally got something done. Kent the bobcat operator came this morning and along with a friend. It took 7 hours clearing my road and lot.

As we kind of expected there was not a single rock on my whole property. These guys have never worked on a place that wasn’t on a lava bed on the big island. The dirt was a mud/clay mix that is like good packing snow back home. You can pick it up and form a perfect ball no problem.

We got a lot more cleared than I had anticipated but they all said I wanted to make it bigger than I think because things will grow in so quickly. The paved road that they uncovered was also wider than I had thought its definitely a two lane road back there.

Hawaii is littered with abandoned cars and shanties. I had two totally rusted ones on my road that they stacked up, pushed further into the jungle and covered with dirt.


We spent the evening buying cement and other supplies for the footings or pier blocks to support the posts that the tree house will sit on top of.

This was our first 12+ hour day of many more to come for this project . I’m falling into bed (actually the couch) utterly exhausted just the way I like it. :)

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  1. Steve Hausman says:

    Looks like things are starting to line up and your new little house will be started and finished soon. I admire your ambition and drive. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the finished product…

  2. Hi Kristie, I just came across your blog and I am crazy excited! I have been following the tiny house movement for a couple of years and I have decided to do something very similar to what you are doing. Get some land in Hawaii and build a get away. You are a brave and clearly adventurous woman and you give me encouragement. Good luck and I will be following you all the way!

    • kristiewp says:

      Hey thanks! I’ve been really happy with the welcome I’ve received at the big island. Where I’m at they’re really lax about building codes & because of the amount of rain it makes it a good option for off grid. Which brings down costs significantly.

  3. whitney says:

    I love your project! My name is Whitney, I am completing a Certificate at Yestermomrrow Design Build school in Warren, VT. For my project I am researching the availability of homeowners insurance for tiny homes. If you own a tiny home please take a few moments to fill out this survey. Thank you for your time! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DXXW3X3

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