Tiny House on the Big Island: 5th edition

Tiny House on the Big Island: 5th edition


Day 20: Well I thought we would get a lot more done today then we did but with every board we put up we had to fine tune our posts to be square.

We did a lot of cutting before we left our rental house so we could use the electricity. We did finish putting up the siding but we still have some bracing to do before our next step. Putting the 8′ posts horizontally above the opening proved to be a pain but we got them up.

Day 21: All I did today was go up & down the ladder. Up the ladder, down the ladder, move the ladder repeat. Seriously.

I also got all the lumber for my floor and deck joists delivered. I thought I would be able to start putting them up today but nope – more fine tuning,.

Day 22: I don’t have any pictures because today I worked solo. I had to trim the posts even with all the prep work we did.

Measure twice, cut once is a falacy ha! I can’t get the borrowed generator to start for the life of me. It dawned on me (finally) that I could use the chainsaw to cut the posts. I was a little apprehensive since I was cutting 14′ in the air standing on a balance beam and I had no one to drive me to the hospital if need be. But I took every precaution I could think of and it worked great.

I also rocked the pathway quite a bit more. Every time I had to get something from the truck I filled the wheelbarrow and on the way back emptied the rocks on the trail.


Day 23: They say necessity is the mother of invention and today that was very true for us. We had to figure out a way to lift huge 4x12x16’s into place 14′ in the air. We ended up using a wench or come along to do the heavy lifting. Like always it wasn’t pretty but it did the job. We got the perimeter done now I have one beam left in the center.

Day 24: As we do nearly everyday we started with a Home Depot run to get a few things for the day. My neighbor, having checked our progress last night and seeing that we got the headers up said “I gotta see this!” Because he couldn’t fathom how we did it.

We were able to get our 6 floor braces which are 4x8x12’s into place. We still have 4 diagonal corners to put up and 15 others like it for the rest of the wrap around deck. That’s a lot of wenching to do – makes me tired just thinking about it.

16 Responses to Tiny House on the Big Island: 5th edition

  1. Steve Bussell says:

    Wow! Great job.Things seem to be progressing nicely.

  2. Mary says:

    Loving your Blog…thanks for sharing!

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Looks great! How much are you going to be able to build your tiny house in paradise for? And are you renting the land or buying it?

    I’m pretty amazed at your enginuity! Inspiring really. Maybe I should follow your lead :-) You know what they say, “Imitation is the highest form if flattery.”

    • kristiewp says:

      Well I brought $15,000 over here and a lot of that went towards flights, a truck, rent and fuel. I should be able to get the thing all built thus trip but I’ll most likely come back to do all the fun decorating and furnishing.

      • Jeremiah says:

        15K? Wow! Are you renting the land?

        • kristiewp says:

          No I bought the land last February for $8,000

          • jeremiah says:

            Whaaaaaaa? Amazing! So many questions… Wondering if my gf and I should build a tiny home in paradise too. I REALLY have to think about this.

            Is it weird if a fellow Boise, Idahoan offered you some Delta buddy passes so you could get back and forth to Hawaii a little cheaper or on the fly with greater ease in exchange for advice?

          • kristiewp says:

            Hey Jeremiah,

            It’s been a really good experience building here, I highly recommend it. I’d be happy to answer any questions, friend me on Facebook sometimes I post different things on there :)

  4. barefootbk says:

    Being new to the Tiny House movement, it is so great to learn about the grunt end. The sweet after pictures are always wonderful, but being able to witness the growing pains is a refreshing reality check. You are keeping up such an impressive pace. Thanks for having me along.

    • kristiewp says:

      Well welcome! There’s so many great tiny house resources. Good luck with your project and feel free to ask any questions :)

  5. Hi Kristie, I had thought of buying land on the island but then possibly building a tiny house on wheels, but that has plans to follow…how do you know so much about building a structure?

    • kristiewp says:

      Well my mom has always remodeled our homes growing up, so I was around it a lot. I did some pretty major remodels for resale in the height of the housing bubble. My tiny house was my first ‘from scratch’ build and building on stilts is entirely new. Once you know how things go together (just like sewing) you can figure everything out.

  6. Hugh Wolfe says:

    Very innovative construction techniques Kristie… innovation in action.

  7. What’s holding your column posts to the footer blocks?

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