Tiny House on the Big Island: 6th edition

Tiny House on the Big Island: 6th edition


Day 25: I’m feeling pretty accomplished tonight. We got all our beams up and into place – ready for the floor and decking. It started out a little rainy today and the mud was super slick but by afternoon it was super sunny and dried the place out.

I have my next delivery set up with Home Depot for the flooring which will be 2x6x16 tongue and groove on Friday. So tomorrow while we wait for it will be a catch up day on a bunch of odds and ends.

I must say that the 16′ x 16′ frame feels gigantic; I may have spent too much time in tiny spaces 😉

Day 26: We had a short work day today. We did some more bracing on the stilt walls and put the top portion of the plywood into place.

I would have loved to not enclose the corners but that is what gives me shear strength to keep it from falling over in extreme weather conditions. It’s growing on me though, it kinda creates an indoor/outdoor bonus room. I want to eventually fill that space with sand and hammocks or a cedar hot tub.


Day 27: Since we were waiting on a Home Depot delivery today – which they only had part of the lumber in stock, we decided to take the 2.5 hour drive to Kona on the other side of the island to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. They had 2 sliding glass doors that matched for $150 each. Then we had to drive straight back to meet the delivery truck.

My neighbor Gabrielle left us that note in the mud ‘aloha good job’. He helped is carry the 2x6x16 tongue and groove floor to the building site. My mom leaned them against the side of the building and I lifted them on top. It went really fast. We went to Home Depot for a few more supplies.

Them we went to check out some huge 6’x7′ windows on craigslist for $250 each. I LOVE them but to my disappointment they are tinted and won’t match the doors I just bought. Ugh so sad I want them really bad. Glass is super expensive here which puts a damper on my wall of windows.


Day 28: We spent the morning cutting 2×8’s to fit between the beams. Then off to Home Depot to straighten out a delivery which ended up meaning canceling the delivery and picking it up ourselves on Monday.

We got about a quarter of the way through the tongue and groove flooring before all four of our drill batteries died. So we called it a day.

I posted the picture above on Facebook and Instagram to see what people would choose for the space underneath the tree house. It’s pretty even right now between all four. What would you choose?


Day 29: Since today was Sunday I headed to the tree fort solo. I finished screwing in the remaining deck boards and siding. I’m anxious for tomorrow since we get to pick up most of the remaining lumber. We should be able to frame the walls this week and I can’t wait to see it take shape!

7 Responses to Tiny House on the Big Island: 6th edition

  1. Steve says:

    aloha mai!
    So impressive! Keep up the good work… You are your mom are very eleu! *
    I’m curious and can’t really tell form the photos… how big are your floor joists and what is the spacing?
    E hana mau!
    ~Steve (from Molokai)

    *eleu – vs. Active, alert, energetic, lively, nimble, quick, dexterous, agile, spry, sprightly, prompt. (but growing up we always used it to mean active, energetic, “go-getter” etc – a very common word here!)

    • kristiewp says:

      The joists are 4″x 8″ x 12′ and are 4′ apart. I’ll do a video today and try to show it better. :)

      • Steve says:

        ahhhh I see… you can go with that because you are using 2×6 T&G flooring… very cool.
        Looking forward to seeing it in the video, I am inspired!
        aloha ~ Steve

  2. Dawn Owens says:

    Aloha from Oregon! I like all the pictures, but I would prefer the seating rather than the water one… you’re not far from some world class beaches! I saw a picture the other day of a way to make one of those round hammock beds; they used an old kid’s trampoline, turned upside down or just use the round part. I’m sure even in Hawaii they’re available on Craigslist cheap. Have you looked into the cost of plexiglass instead of glass? Maybe cheaper. And consider doing what a friend likes to do; go to garage sales in expensive neighborhoods, people almost give away the most amazing stuff…

    Have you seen this series of videos, and esp this one? He’s right near you, I can tell from the map they show:


    • kristiewp says:

      Hi Dawn, we are completely on the same page ha. I was explaining the trampoline frame bed to my landlord here and it turns out he has one that he’s trying to get rid of!

      I am doing pexi glass for my wall of windows. Glass here is much more expensive than on the mainland and pexi is easy to work with.

      I’m excited to check out the video link when I get home thanks for the link!

  3. Michelle Smith says:

    It’s coming together so awesome! I think the ‘enclosed’ ground level area will be kind of neat! It will be partly open and partly private! I love the idea of sand down there and you can do so many cool decorations to dress up the half ‘walls’ that are there to support the structure! I agree with the comment above about having a beach so close…no need for a hot tub. I think on Facebook made a point of having a fire pit will help to heat the house above… good food for thought in being energy efficient! I am so excited to see how this all comes together!

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