Tiny House on the Big Island: 7th edition

Tiny House on the Big Island: 7th edition


Day 30: Its been a month since we landed in Hawaii. We had a really productive day including two runs to Home Depot with Greg’s trailer to get lumber. The three guys that live on the property we’re renting came down to help us for a few hours unexpectedly.

I finished up the floor and we got the some of the deck laid. As well as the ladder stairs started. We are using 2″x8″ lumber for the ladder stairs. We cut 15 steps at 30″ making it nice and wide but it’s going to be a beast to get into place.


Day 31: It rained all through the night and then all day today as well making nearly impossible working conditions at the tree house.
At 7:00 this morning we helped our neighbor at the rental (same guys who helped us yesterday) pour a foundation for a soon to be tractor barn. They tried to cancel due to the rain but were told the truck was already loaded up. So we poured it in the rain and covered it with a tarp. My mom cooked breakfast for the whole gang and then her and I headed out to my place.

We had to dig another trench to try and get the huge puddles to drain to the lower lot and away from our work area. I screwed down a tarp that covers about 3/4 of the floor. I also got the rest of the stairs put into place. The rain continued to come down harder and without a hat to keep it from dripping down my face it was hard to function so we called it a day after just a couple hours and retreated to the warm shower at the rental.


Day 32: Even though it continued to rain all last night it was light enough that our big puddle nearly all drained down to the lower lot. We are one step short on our ladder but we put it up anyhow. That thing is heavy. We used both wenches on the top step to get it into place.

My mom carried the 2x6x12’s from the road to the ladder than I lifted it, put it into place, screwed it down and finally made the necessary cuts with the circular saw powered by the generator. I was able to get the wrap around deck half finished before the blade gave out. So we moved on to framing walls. (Very Exciting) we had one eight foot section done when it just dumped rain on us. We were soaked by the time we rushed to cover the tools. We thought the day was shot but I suggested we oh have lunch and see if it cleared and it did! Giving us a couple more hours before it started up again.

We went on another Home Depot run to get 40 more 2×4’s and a saw blade. I like to get the supplies the night before since we can’t work in the dark anyhow. Plus we can have a more productive day just being able to start on the a.m. My mom had left the headlights on and after we filled the bed with lumber the things battery was dead. She happened robe parked pretty perfectly for a push start so I pushed and she popped the clutch and we were on the road again. Ha

20140130-210216.jpgDay 33: Despite the on and off again rains all through the day we managed to get some big projects done. We cut all the 2×6’s for the deck and put them in place with the exception of the trap door that we still have to build.

We also got the walls framed and set up but we will have to get everything squared and level tomorrow.


Day 34: We spent the morning getting the walls square which is always more difficult than it should be. After everything was secured in place we built our front and back peak. The front took some time as it’s going to be all windows. We had to do a lot of extra framing because of it. We also don’t have a chop saw so I had to make a bunch of angled cuts with a reciprocating saw.

We raised the back peak into place and secured it but we’re waiting on windows to be cut before putting it into up.

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  1. Jaime Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the update! Im loving sharing this adventure with you and your mom (who sounds very cool btw) me and my girlfriend are planning to move to HI sometime this year and we hope to make a stop by to take pics and buy you two some dinner. Way to keep working in the rain. Youre awesome!

  2. Good Lord,,,,,, Your mom does sound so cool, but look at her daughter….. Keep inspiring me, to get my backyard man cave going, but unlike you I have 3 feet of snow to wait out, and to avoid asking my wife to add the her already tight budget, we have tons of people living here, which is my need for a cave. I have decided to do a craigslist, mostly pallets and hope to get some nice big windows. My daughters have no idea about this summer’s project… But I plan on sharing all this with them, can’t wait for mud season, but looks like you’re in it now!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Impressed! Looking GREAT!

  4. Aunt Vicki says:

    Wow the view of the forest will be awesome. You are really moving along. I love all your ingenious ways of getting things done, and your upbeat attitude when things aren’t going as good as you hoped. Keep it up nieceeeee.

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