Tiny house on the big island: 10th edition!

Tiny house on the big island: 10th edition!


Day 61: I was going to take the day off and go hike around Volcano National Park but by the time I was ready to go it started to pour down. So I decided to work on a few small things inside the house today. I started building the shelves (that ladder looking thing) out of scrap boards that will go on the back side of the bed wall. It’ll be about 5″ deep with valet hooks for clothes. I plan on covering the back of shelves with some kind of fabric so I haven’t put them in place yet. I used up the rest of the Sheetrock and I’ll still need at least two more pieces. I also messed around with the mosquito netting I bought for curtains on the wall of windows but wasn’t crazy about them there. Now I’m trying them at the head of the bed.

Day 62: I woke up feeling pretty sick, so it was a slow morning but after an afternoon nap I felt much better and ready to tackle some projects. First I continued my endless search for some kind of pattern for my main bed wall and I came up with zilch. When I got back I made progress with my little closet and started cleaning up the place. Which means I moved the tools onto the lanai so I could move around more freely. Then searching the internet I found this amazing retro wallpaper from the 70’s! I bought all 14 yards they had and ideally I need about 6 more but I’m going to make it work. I cannot wait to put it up but first it’s got to get here.

Day 63: I stayed at the treehouse all day today trying to use what I have and pause before rushing to the store to grab more supplies. I think I used all the scraps I could on the closet area. Just a couple more 2×4’s should finish it off. I also finally decided to cut round windows in the kitchen area. It was surprisingly dark in that corner even in the day time. I had the piece of pexi glass that I cut the wrong way still so I was able to make that into four windows but I don’t like even numbers so I found that I could barely make another window with a scrap triangular piece of pexi I still had. I made these round because I bought some crazy gold placemats from Ross that I’m going to put over the glass. I also got a start on the railing as much as I like not having one I know most people won’t feel comfortable without one so up it goes.

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  1. Steve Bussell says:

    You are a trooper! Have you thought about using led lights for lighting? I am in complete jealous amazement on how
    you keep plugging forward through it despite what most would consider deal breaking setbacks. Still praying for you and
    a very successful build.
    Steve B.

    • kristiewp says:

      Well the only fixture I’ve picked out this far has led but I haven’t started looking for the kitchen or bathroom lights yet.

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks for blogging at all! I love watching your progress. I built a tree house and lived in it for a year, in Maine. I would love to have another building project, but the timing isn’t right. A word of caution… please make the railing very very secure. A friend recently didn’t survive a fall from a 12′ balcony after the railing gave way. Better to feel insecure and be careful than to feel secure and not be!

    • kristiewp says:

      I love Maine, when I was on your last year Portland was one of my favorite stops.

      Oh wow that’s horrible – will do!

  3. Christine says:

    So excited to continue watching this journey. I wish I could be there to help! I love the wallpaper! Great choice!

  4. Ernst Hill says:

    You are doing an awesome job. Maybe you should write a small book over your experience.

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