Tiny House on the Big Island: 11th Edition

Tiny House on the Big Island: 11th Edition


Day 67: I spent most the day waiting on a package that didn’t come till I was gone. My my previous Hawaii landlord Greg hooked me up with some palm trees!! He loaded them in the truck with his tractor. They weigh about as much as I do but I managed to get them in a wheelbarrow once I got to the treehouse and carted back to the vacant are to the left of my house. When the backhoe cleared me a spot he moved all the debris behind my property line but you can still see it and it’s a bit of an eyesore. Plus I’ve just had this big muddy patch out there so that’s where I put the palms. Hopefully they’ll take off in the soil. They seemed huge in my truck (about 12′ tall) but once I got them in the ground they look pretty dinky next to the surrounding trees but fun nonetheless.


Day 68: I went to Home Depot this morning and picked up enough supplies to keep me busy for a couple days. I had car issues that I won’t bore you with the details but I didn’t get home till late afternoon. I was so mentally exhausted that I took a nap. I probably would have slept much later but I just couldn’t with all the material sitting down there waiting up be chopped up. I was able to saw all my posts for the railing before dark. It took a lot of notching out with the circular saw to get them right. I bought an entire spool of 3/4 inch rope and a 1″ drill bit to thread it through. I’m not sure if I’ll add another row if rope or not, I’ll play around with it tomorrow. I really like the way it looks with the rope it makes it that much more treehousey :)


Day 69: I started the morning putting up the bamboo or rattan sheets on the exterior of the tiny house. I cut it with scissors and then used liquid nails to adhere it. I tacked it up with staples that I’ll remove once the glue is dry. I’m still short 2 pieces – not sure how I miscalculated that.

I spent the better half of the afternoon cutting the rattan and Sheetrocks circular windows. The reason round windows aren’t very popular is because they are a pain and of course I decided to do five of them. It adds a lot of light back there and there pretty swank looking so hopefully all that work pays off.

I made the bathroom vanity thing that the sink will sit on. And I got some white paint on the walls too.

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