Tiny House on the Big Island: 13th edition

Tiny House on the Big Island: 13th edition

Day 76: I got the bathroom light installed above. I also got one step closer to finishing my bedroom fixture. The picture above is after I demolished and drilled a hole through the top of the lanterns that used to be solar. This was very sad but now they’ll be interior solar lights. I strung the bulb patio lights through all 7 lanterns but I need a small extension cord to complete the thing. I finished up all the baseboards, nailed, glued, caulked and painted. It’s coming along but I still have several projects that I haven’t even started yet. I better get busy!

Day 77: Well two trips to town for Home Depot and I still built my counter about 4″ to tall. I’ll need to go back and buy some shorter pipe. I couldn’t afford the slab counter that I really wanted so I settled on doing a pipe/flange & 2×12 counter thing. I like it but just a bit too high. I also fell in love with ship portholes last night browsing the internet. Two problems: I cannot afford large portholes and even if I could I can’t get them shipped to Hawaii. The later is an issue nearly everyday. So this left me to wander every aisle of Home Depot looking for something circular with a 12.5″ hole or something I could cut a 12.5″ hole in. There were a lot of almost perfect things. What I ended up using I. The picture above is a cheap black planter bucket that I cut 4″ down, spray painted gold and fit into the window pane. I’m undecided about adding hardware to it for more of a porthole look but I’m liking it so far.

Day 78: I have solar power!!!! I spent most the working on readjusting the counter height and wiring the inverter and controls. Thanks to my electrician buddy back home who sent me extremely thorough instructions with labeled pictures and wires, it went together fairly easy. What I struggled with was my ground wire. I had wired it into the wrong box and it was really difficult to move by myself. Had I had another person to catch it up above while I threaded it down below it would have taken seconds but instead I struggled for nearly an hour. So worth it though that now I can plug in my phone without the noisy generator and having to run up and down the ladder stairs.
I went and picked up a couple packages at Greg’s that included part of my nightstands and the bamboo and thatch I’ve been waiting for. I got about 3/4 of the bamboo put on the front and it looks awesome!

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  1. Becky Wheeler says:

    I have never left a msgs before but have been following you on Tiny House. Want you to know I think you are amazing and everything you are doing is turning out great. Keep up the good work. I think the Tiny House craze is right on with what the world needs right now and wish you the best of luck in future builds!

    • kristiewp says:

      Well Thanks Becky! Today is my final day to work on the treehouse before coming back to Idaho. It’s 5:00 am here and your comment is the motivation I’m going to need today :)

  2. Karen says:

    I’m headed out on a road trip on April 4 and will be going through southern Idaho on my way to and from Utah… Where are you located in Idaho. If you would prefer to email you can get to that from my blog. Karen

  3. Amy says:

    I look forward to your blog posts every week! What you’re doing is a dream come true! Such a pioneer – there are so many people who would love to do what you are doing, but just don’t have the courage. I’m sure it’s going to suck for you (and for us readers) when you have to go back to the states, but I’m sure we’ll all be waiting with fervor for future updates. Btw, have you considered ever doing a crowd funding campaign for your build?

    • kristiewp says:

      Thanks Amy! I’m home now, I’ve been catching up on a lot of sleep. I have professional photos I cant wait to share with you. I haven’t ever seriously considered crowd funding but I may on future projects.

  4. Tracie Weaver says:

    I considered it I am a disabled woman who wants a tinyhouse, and to create a community for the many of us out her. we a want and need our independence but also need people around as well. When you live with disabilities things are a bit more difficult, also living on a fixed income stops a lot. I am low income apt.s lists and have lied in them, the last ending with a meth lab blowing up. This is place in a resort town the mtn.s of central lNor/Cal too.. My daughters moved me out of it,and I’m in a room at my daughters.It’s been a blessing helping to raise my grandson here ( he has sever ezema which landed us thank God at Stanford and they are helping him, I also helped them save their rental and move out of a black mold apt in a nearby foothill town as well. We have been in this rental under a year. It is time for me to move on but with what? i live on a fixed income. I have settlement coming or should be I fell and injure myself badly breaking my arm in 3 places,( I had to have surgery and 4 days in the hospital.) Tore up my shoulder needing surgery here shortly I fear from the pain I’m in,and messed up my wrist and ankle too.With this settlement I want to have built a tiny house and create a community of them for disabled people like myself who want our independence but privacy too, but a community people helping people.i don’t know where to start. I don;t want o live in an ordinary box low income drug infested apt again. I have some rally cool ideas for these tiny houses,even accomodating people in wheelchairs as well. How do I fuel something like this? I feel to get mine up and running is key.I can help I will do whatever i can. I remodeled and helped model a cabin up in the mtns in 3′ of snow with neck brace on after neck surgery. Only to loose it during the housing crash. I have hardly anything left. 3 pieces of furniture to move and I’m done and I am downsizing even more.As i sit here in my room is full l of boxes to switch out summer winter clothes etc.I need to organize big time.I am tiny house preparing. but how do I start. I see in the on line garage sales so much if I had a truck and some cash I would l have half of what I need to build one. My bio family thinks I’m a looser cause Iost my home and have nothing and have disowned me. They don’t care that I have severe physical challenges,and refuse to help me although my bro in law has a program to rebuild fire damaged houses,and is part owner of ALTEC in CA for rebuilding homes that have water or fire damage,and he calls himself a Christian., He could help me in a weekend and discounts at home depot but he ignores my please for help. I told my Dr.one of them what I wanted to do and he laughed at me sayin YOU would live in one of THOSE!! I said heck yeah!! He laughed and walked away. SO how do I get help to pursue my dream and my dream. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I so admire your work and what you are doing.

    • kristiewp says:


      It sounds like you’ve overcome a lot through your life.

      Building both of my tiny houses were hard and I’m able bodied so I can understand how the process might be overwhelming. I wish I had some resource to give you but sadly I don’t. What I have observed time & time again is that when we really want something we find a way. Now I can’t foresee what your path will be but keep pursuing it & try to give more than you get & things have a way of figuring themselves out.

      Good luck & Happy Holidays,


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