Hawaii Treehouse Pictures

Hawaii Treehouse Pictures

I had some pictures taken by photographer Julie Harmen the day before I left the island and I got the digital proofs today! She was so sweet to come on short notice and while she worked her magic snapping away, I talked her poor husbands ear off having been alone in the jungle for so long ha. After being back on the mainland for a couple weeks its so nice to have these beautiful reminders of what my mom and I accomplished the last couple months.

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Tropical Treehouse Bed


Doors to the Lanai

Dreamy Tree house

Sitting area

Treehouse Windows


Treehouse Closet Space

Hanging Bed

Tiny House on the Big Island

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  1. Mike Lewis says:

    You are fearless. Few people would have even attempted a project like that especially half way across the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience/journey. I was inspired – and continue to be inspired – by you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Steve Bussell says:

    I have to admit you have a special talent for improvising as you build and decorate. The branches on top of the door was a nice touch. Are your ideas from previous building projects or do you find them on the internet, etc? I’ve been to a meetup group for tiny houses in the Washington DC area and some of the people were also aware of your build. Thanks for your determination, I’m hoping it will be contagious!

    • kristiewp says:

      Very cool Steve, I’m leaving on tour for Idaho again and we will be coming through DC. I’d love to join a meetup of we have a chance :)

      Most my creativity comes from necessity. I already had a fairly modest budget but as my funds dwindled the more creative I got – which is usually the case.

      • Steve says:

        Hi Kristie,
        Ha! It would be nice to see the The Big Potato! And meet you of course… I will treat for a meal and a beer. Just to here some of the ideas you have about tiny houses. If you are sure the event is hitting DC , I can get a few of the meet-up people and make an impromptu get together in Wash DC or Va. I can also post on the Tiny House Enthusiasts meet-up site that you will be in town and we can go from there.

        • kristiewp says:

          So as of now we are scheduled to be there June 2 – 4. It would be fun. Ill contact you as it gets closer :)

  4. Jaime says:

    What an amazing project! I want to be your neighbor! Did you Fee Simple purchase your property or lendlease? My fiance and I will be following in your footsteps very soon. Thanks so much for sharing! Youre awesome!

    • kristiewp says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Thank you! I did purchase the land outright. While I was there I didn’t even see any property that was lend lease. That might just be the big island.

  5. Wow, as others have said I am simply amazed at your determination, creativity and vision. You are a force of nature Kristie! You inspire, and educate those of us who want a tiny space of their own. Your Hawaiian getaway is beautiful…please keep sharing.

  6. Teresa Ann says:

    This is something i love to do on Kaui! I will be looking for some property to buy. Any ideas?

  7. So, while traveling the past few weeks, I saw very little TV, which is a good thing, but I did get a glimpse of DIY network doing a show on the tiny house movement, I didn’t get the info on it, but heard something about it while packing up and heading west. To say the least I was disappointed because I have written and posted your info to both DIY and HGTV. I think they are losing out on at least meeting with you, as not only do you have the looks for a show, you have the knowledge as well. It would be in their sponsor’s interest too. As the movement isn’t just about tiny homes, but also the products that go into these small spaces, of course having a 2000 square foot house being my cover page on facebook might not help. Trust me, I need all this room as I have kids, a mother in law and a brother in law living in it, but the house is very special to me as it was abandoned after one side burned and when I saw the state of it, I for one, could afford it, 2 it was big enough for my family and 3, it was a labor of love. My own interest in the tiny movement is rather selfish, I gave up my 300 sq. foot when the wife asked me if her Mom could come here after a health scare, I didn’t have the heart to say no. So, I want to build a small man cave in the woods that are in my yard. There are 6.5 acre’s of forest and swamp. But with college expenses, every year another one goes, and i have 3 now and over the next 4 years one will join them, so building something with new products, wood, windows etc…. Well it just isn’t going to happening, so I search graiglist for used wood, windows etc, Pallets seem to be popular freebie’s, so when the time and energy are right I am pretty sure that will be the way I go. I am so glad I found your page, u have inspired me to move forward with it. Here’s to hoping that these networks are taking u serious and thanks for taking us on the ride with u!!!

    • kristiewp says:

      I hear ya on the cost thing, the budget for my first tiny house was just ‘as little as possible’ but when you don’t have cash it forces you to be creative. In Hawaii I would occasionally force myself to stay at the treehouse and work on whatever I could without going to the store. It’s amazing the what you can figure out when you have to.

      I’m excited to watch your project unfold.

  8. Amy says:

    Gorgeous – way to go, girl!

    • Bridgett says:

      I am would love to build a tiny home. But I myself live in about a 70 Sq ft. Home. With my wife and son. I can’t convince her to move to a tiny home. We have two dogs and two cats. So for now I will dream of it and get all the information I can on how to build my own and the way I want to. I would like to build it from scraps and nothing more then that. Although I don’t have anywhere to put it, except on my in laws property. Anyhow. I’m not seeing all the pics everyone is talking about of your cottage in Hawaii
      Will someone let me know where I can find these pics at and I can comment and join the fun.thx, bee bee

      • kristiewp says:

        Hi there! It’s a slide show and it should pop up on it’s own. You can click on my instagram in the sidebar too and there’s quite a few pictures there as well.

  9. Marlene Lang says:

    You did a beautiful job is the $15,000 also the land?
    Also you never mentioned any thing about permits ( a big thing in Hawaii) did you do your own plumbing and electricity they also require having permits. Like I said it’s a beautiful tiny home just wondering if you did it according to the Hawaiian building code?

    • kristiewp says:

      Hey Marlene I spent about $11,000 on the structure and about $4,000 in living/flights/truck. The land I purchased the year prior for $8,000. My treehouse was unpermitted which is quite common on the big island not taboo like it is on the mainland. There are definitely pros and cons to using permits and everyones risk tolerance is different. I did do my own plumbing and electrical. The only person I hired was a bobcat operator to clear a space to build.

  10. yvonne vangrieken says:

    Wow, I love to do this kind of thing ! Wondering if you will consider for me to live there and try it out so to speak. Will pay rent ofcourse. Thanks

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  12. Blake says:

    Dear Ms. Wolf,

    Words fail. Absolutely incredible, creativity, knowledge, skill, determination, courage, stunning beauty, and grace. Please for the sake of humanity find a worthy man and have a BIG family! We need more like you!

  13. roxanne says:

    Hi! Your home is absolutely breathtaking! I was wondering if you would allow filming on your property. I have a couple questions if possible! Would love to hear from you!

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