Donna Karan Knockoff Gray Draped Dress

Donna Karan Knockoff Gray Draped Dress

Donna Karan Gray Draped Dress

I have a great hotel room in Atlanta Georgia this weekend and some great 2 way stretch knit gray fabric that I got last year in NYC at Stretch House in the garment distric for $6.00 a yard I bought 2 yards and have about 1/4 yard left over. I decided to put both to good use and sew a Donna Karan inspired dress.

Draped Dress

The inspiration dress is a gray draped Donna Karan dress and retails for $1,895.00. Worn by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and Leann Rimes. My Donna Karan knockoff is a little shorter than the original and I also made the lower sleeves scrunchy. I can’t wait to wear it somewhere!

kim kardashian gray donna karan dress

6 Responses to Donna Karan Knockoff Gray Draped Dress

  1. signalfire6 says:

    You’ll need an armed guard…. (!)

  2. Mike says:

    So many talents.

  3. Steve Bussell says:

    As always, you are able to spin straw into gold!

  4. april yvette thompson says:

    Do you make dresses for other folks? I’m dying to have this dress (the long version) in a deep amethyst blue? Thoughts…

  5. Gerard says:

    Oh well, there goes my no-fap 30 day challenge. This looks better than the Donna Karan. Unless it’s on a better ‘frame?’

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