Donna Karan Knockoff Gray Draped Dress

Donna Karan Knockoff Gray Draped Dress

Donna Karan Gray Draped Dress

I have a great hotel room in Atlanta Georgia this weekend and some great 2 way stretch knit gray fabric that I got last year in NYC at Stretch House in the garment distric for $6.00 a yard I bought 2 yards and have about 1/4 yard left over. I decided to put both to good use and sew a Donna Karan inspired dress.

Draped Dress

The inspiration dress is a gray draped Donna Karan dress and retails for $1,895.00. Worn by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and Leann Rimes. My Donna Karan knockoff is a little shorter than the original and I also made the lower sleeves scrunchy. I can’t wait to wear it somewhere!

kim kardashian gray donna karan dress

21 Responses to Donna Karan Knockoff Gray Draped Dress

  1. signalfire6 says:

    You’ll need an armed guard…. (!)

  2. Mike says:

    So many talents.

  3. Steve Bussell says:

    As always, you are able to spin straw into gold!

  4. april yvette thompson says:

    Do you make dresses for other folks? I’m dying to have this dress (the long version) in a deep amethyst blue? Thoughts…

  5. Gerard says:

    Oh well, there goes my no-fap 30 day challenge. This looks better than the Donna Karan. Unless it’s on a better ‘frame?’

  6. Phong says:

    Ms. Wolfe, we all embrace you while KK (I don’t even want to mention her name) will be super jealous of not just how gifted and talented you are but also for making her look so awful in her $1900 dress compare to your $6.00 fabric and creativity wrap around your elegance and gorgeous figure.

    Your tiny house on Big Island is so inspiring to watch btw. I dream of living a self-sustain and off grid life on Big Island some day when I leave the San Jose, CA


  7. C Forbes says:

    you wore it better <3

  8. Justin Hill says:

    I think yours looks better.

  9. xiomixiomi says:

    This is exactly the kind of skirt i’ve been wanting to make! i have the knit fabric ready to go, but can’t figure out the draping. help?!

  10. You wear this dress so well. The one you made looks so much more beautiful than the original. You’re a treasure. :-)

  11. msmaggie4u says:

    I’ve never been one to go ga-ga (so to speak) over a superstar as I grew up in New York City and have crossed paths with the likes of j lo amongst many actors and performers. That being said when I came across this site I literarily screamed for joy. I am such a fan of your work (and your mom’s) on your tiny house in Hawaii and your sewing skills are to die for. You, my dear, are an inspiration and the motivation behind my current tiny house build. I’ve even decided to return to school at my age and am looking forward to obtaining my degree the same year as my youngest of four who is currently a Sophomore at JSU. Keep doing what you are doing in following your goals. You are an example of a woman’s worth! God Bless!

    • kristiewp says:

      Woot! Woot! Well you sound like a total powerhouse – keep me updated on your build I’d love to see it progress!

  12. Great! can u make o\it for me in 3 colors?> please call me at 215-715-4196, I would like it longer however!

    size 14

  13. Kenny says:

    You look so much better than those people you modeled. Well done.

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