Homelite 14″ Chainsaw Review

Homelite 14″ Chainsaw Review

Tiny house magazine issue 14

Homelite 14" 42 cc Gas Chainsaw Review

The one tool that I’ve never owned is a chainsaw but I knew this job was going to need one. In past projects I’ve been able to get by using a reciprocating saw or a hand saw. However the Hilo side of the big island where I bought land for my second tiny house it’s a rain forest. Think Tarzan.
I headed to the nearest Home Depot to buy my first chainsaw with two requirements in mind; it must be light enough for me to handle and cordless. The only one that fit those stipulations was the Homelite 14″, 2 cycle gas chainsaw. Weighing in at just 9.8 lbs and priced at $119 I put it in the cart.
I know how dangerous a chainsaw can be and as a first timer and a woman with pitiful upper body strength this model worked really well for me. I have issues pull starting lawn mowers but with the Homelite I was able to fire it right up. I felt that I had a lot of control and the safe tip and the chain brake gave me the confidence I needed. I was able to clear a 30′x30′ area of trees with the trunk diameter being between 6″ – 12″ and about 35′ tall in just a few hours.
When I hired some guys to bring in a bobcat to level the clearing they had to cut down a few more trees for access and when their big manly chainsaw refused to stay started I fired up my small and handy chainsaw to get the job done!

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