Longsleeve Lace Print Dress

Longsleeve Lace Print Dress

DIY long sleeve brocade print dress
I was in Orlando attending a food blogger conference and decided to whip this up before cocktail hour. I had a yard of this stretch knit fabric with a lace print and even some clear sequins that bounce the light from Joanne’s Fabric that was $12.99 a yard but had a 40% off coupon knocking that down to $7.79.
deciding on zipper length
It was such a quick project – maybe 20 mins that I wanted to add something to it. I tried the look with different lengths of zippers but a text poll to my girlfriends the verdict was no zipper. I agreed with them but what could I do to make it more customized? I bought some prepackaged grey/black chain and made a little shoulder detail that I love.
adding chains to dress

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  1. Mike says:

    You have so many talents and quite the eye. Also Sofia Vergara has nothing on you.

  2. Ruth Koson says:

    From the tiny house (s) to the ultimate in interior design to sewing and designing your own dresses with curve appeal, I can only say that you are the ULTIMATE BOMB! I have loved following you ever since you started your tiny house in the jungle. Your quite amazing with your so many gifts and talents! I look forward to following you to see what you end up doing next. All of your work is beautiful!

  3. Sally Williams says:

    Amazing talent in all areas. A rare find these days. Congratulations Kristie on your many skills.

  4. clive winson says:

    how many talents can one woman have,,,very clever

  5. Jim Palmisano says:

    Very impressive. Have you ever considered other alternative housing like cob or strawbale? How about Permaculture and Aquaponics as a means to total self-sufficiency?

    Look forward to your thoughts.

  6. Rudy says:

    Wow, you are extremely gorgeous….speechless. Saw your Hilo home today on TV, looks great…

    • kristiewp says:

      Thanks Rudy

      • Jim Palmisano says:

        Come to the Ozarks July 10th and I’ll take you on a float trip(canoe) down the Current River, a Spring fed river that is incredible(not dangerous). We eat especially good too. LOL

        Just a thought m8!

  7. Matt says:

    Marry me?

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