Tiny House Conference 2015

2015 portland tiny house conference

I’m really excited to share the details for the second annual Tiny House Conference! First because it’s in the NorthWest and secondly because I’m going to be one of the speakers!

I barely missed last years get together, it was two days after I returned to Idaho after my 2.5 month build in Hawaii and I was beyond exhausted. It took me a solid five days of sleeping, showering and eating everything in site to feel like I could pass for a normal person and not Tarzan. Now I know that’s no excuse considering fellow Boise tiny houser Macy Miller drove across the country with her Great Dane and her new born baby to attend but I’m fairly certain she’s superhuman.

All the amazing status updates and pictures that flooded my social media for the next week made me so envious and inspired that I knew I couldn’t miss the next one. Come to find out it’s practically next door in Portland, OR! When Ryan Mitchell of the tiny life.com and organizer of the event asked if I would be interested in presenting all I heard was free admission! I jumped at the opportunity temporarily forgetting that public speaking is possibly the only thing that terrifies me. Refer to “the most nervous I’ve ever been” post.

I’m not sweating it yet since the conference isn’t till April 18th, 2015 which gives me plenty of time to join toastmasters, learn prezi, and invent an alter ego who just loves speaking in front of large crowds.

Wish me Luck and I hope to meet you there!

P.S. If your in the process of planning or building a tiny house get your tickets now! There’s a limited amount available and the conference has received so much publicity from last years this one is sure to fill up fast.

P.S.S. Is there any thing that I must cover in my talk about design or otherwise? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Kristie,
    How do I find out who else’s attending? I’m thinking on flying up from Austin, TX

  2. Jerry Gerber says:

    Hello Kristie!

    I was amazed by your video of the tree house! I’ll be starting my own tiny house on wheels in about a month and I’m getting excited! It features an egress door in the bathroom, which could be opened while showering, which appeals to me. Then I saw your video and see that you’ve taken that idea much further and created a stunning shower! Very impressive.

    I would love to meet you in Portland in April, but I’m not sure I can make it. Maybe I should take a break from building and join with the national tiny house community. . .


    • kristiewp says:

      Sounds like a really cool project Jerry. The conference should be really fun I’m looking forward to listening to everybody not really looking forward to speaking :/

  3. Carlos Ortiz says:

    Kristie, Great job on the tiny home in Hawaii. Have you considered building these type of homes for customers?

    • kristiewp says:

      Thanks Carlos! No I haven’t. My projects are such an all consuming endeavor that I can’t put a price on it haha!

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