It’s my Birthday! Here is my tiny request…

It’s my Birthday! Here is my tiny request…

September Campaign 2014 – The Sahel Region from charity: water on Vimeo.

I happy to let ya’ll know that I am turning 32 in 45 days! I’ve rarely celebrated my birthday since it is the day after Halloween and thats a big enough party as it is. This year however I am asking for a gift. I am teaming up with Charity Water to bring clean drinking water i.e. a well and a solar pump to the Sahel region of Africa.

This is particularly meaningful to me because I know a thing or two about not having water:

If you aren’t familiar with this organization here is what you need to know:

* 100% of the money donated goes to the well and pump! Not marketing or awareness or salaries.

* Once the project is finished and funded you can watch the progress of the well being built via google earth.

* You can donate any amount but the idea is to donate however old I’m turning so in this case $32

* This month there is a company who is matching donations so when you gift $32 the people of Sahel get $64

Below is the link to donate. I’m also attaching a short documentary about the region that we get to help.

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  1. David C. Burdick says:

    Would this B the same? If not it’s a great link. (fb) 2013.12.27

  2. Todd says:

    I have enjoyed your information on the tiny house and environment. By the way, my birthday is All Saints Day too… Cheers

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