Big Island Hawaii Honeymoon: 5 Romantic Must Do’s

Big Island Hawaii Honeymoon: 5 Romantic Must Do’s

The Big Island of Hawaii puts off a lot of heat and receives a lot of rain… things are bound to get steamy.

#1 Stay in a Treehouse
1. STAY IN A TREEHOUSE: Chances are if you picked the Big Island as your romantic getaway then you’re probably a bit more adventurous than the average couple. So why would you settle for average accommodations? This little romantic nest is 16-feet off of the ground in the Hawaiian jungle. This treefort is off-grid and off the charts in charm, comfort and adventure. Keep the downtime at home. You are in Hawaii so live it ‘up’… literally.

#2 Go Stargazing
2. STARGAZE: Hawaii is one of the most remote places on earth and the Big Island sports a mountaintop observatory at almost 14,000 feet above sea level. It just might be the best stargazing in the world. You can drive all the way to the top of Mauna Kea where several international observatories reside or stop off seven miles from the top and peak through the telescopes at the visitor’s center. Bring a jacket, a blanket and some room for free hot cocoa!

#3 Visit a Nude Beach
3. GO NUDE: Let’s be honest; in preparation for your wedding you’ve been hitting the gym and the tanning beds in order to get that naughty body looking like a hot totty. So go show it off at The Big Islands clothing optionaL Kehena Beach. You are thousands of miles away from the nearest continent in a place where you can truly let loose. Just get nekked – or chicken out either way it’ll be an experience you can look back on for years to come.

#4 Kiss in the rain
4. KISS IN THE RAIN: If Nicholas Sparks has taught us anything it’s that there is nothing sexier than kissing in the rain. The Hilo side of the Big Island gets about 130 inches of rainfall annually with temperatures typically in the 70s and 80s. It’s a RAINforest after all. So when it inevitably starts to storm don’t run for cover instead grab that new husband or wife and make out like teenagers!

#5 Get Lei'd
5. GET LEID: Not only does this make for a great pun (your friends are sure to ask if you ‘got laid’ in Hawaii) but it also allows you to incorporate some real Hawaiian tradition into your trip. Legends say that if a departing visitor tosses their lei into the ocean and it floats back to shore, the person will return someday. Of course, if you hate the idea of returning to palm trees, warm weather, beaches and seat turtles then do not risk it! But if you believe trips to paradise should be repeated, then be sure to seal your fate.

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  1. Tony says:

    Beautifully done!

  2. Tracie Weaver says:

    I’d love to come there,,,,,,, I love your little tree house. I am disabled though and I was wondering where you eat. Shop for food ( that’s what i in Maui.) I shopped for food and made meals and packed lunches and didn’t eat out but at night. IS there a place to rent snorkels.I loved snorkling and got to swim with the sea turtles in Kannapali. Was the most awesome experience ever. wanted to now if the dolphin pods are anywhere near here as this is on my bucket list. Also do you have an outside shower. I love to b as close to nature as I can be, that’s why I love your little place. but Was just wondering about the bathroom facilities,shower and eating. If I am blessed enough to ever return,and God knows I need a respite from the stress. It’s been hard times here in the states. But I am looking at having a tiny house built for myself as well here in CA, and want to start a community of them for disabled people like myself and others on low incomes. Being disabled has stopped a lot of things for me, but I adventure as much as I can anyways.I would build my own as well just like you but I am unable to and don’t know how. I admire your courage to be eccentric and do things different.

    • Tony says:

      The beach Kristie mentions, Kehena, has several resident pods of spinner dolphins that love to get up close and personal. I would recommend buying your own snorkel and mask. There is a Target in Hilo that sells them fairly cheap. When you get to the beach, ask a local if the dolphins have been around that day. As for honu, sea turtles, I suggest Leleiwi Park on Kalaianaole Ave in Hilo. It’s sandy, easy access and the turtles are a daily event.

      • kristiewp says:

        Great tips Tony! I’m going to add them to my welcome guide in the treehouse. Plus I have snorkel gear for guests.

    • Randy says:

      Hows the tiny home community going along? I find most areas don’t allow tiny homes. I am skilled but disabled also and hoping to sell my two story and find a place you described. I have been minimizing a few years now and love it. Good luck and hope to see more tiny homes. Actually I am a huge fan of The venus Project also.

      • kristiewp says:

        It’s really been well received here in Boise, but I find living in the outskirts of almost anywhere quite accommodating to the movement. Good luck in your downsizing :)

  3. Teresa Turner says:

    How did you find the land and approximately what town etc in Hawaii. Near Hilo or Kona we are looking for a proprty to do the same with, build off grid. Thanks any info would be appreciated on the purchase of land on that island. Teresa Turner

  4. Joe Reandelar says:

    Aloha, when I first saw your video on youtube I laugh because I did the same thing. I bought a property sight unseen. I have a structure on my property and currently going through permitting it. I wanted to finish my house unpermitted but no one would rent from me since it is unpermitted. Plus I cant insure my house due to being unpermitted. So my only option was to permitt it. I have a few question on how you did your solar electricity, septic, catchment and plumbing. That was an awesome job that you did with putting it together. Although the problem that I would have with putting those Items on my property would be Thiefs here on my subdivision. Have you encountered that yet? If you leave your property unattended on the Island, it will be broken into. Thats just a fact with the haves and the have nots here. Tell me what you think, and if you have any suggestions. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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