Make a Hanging Bed out of a Trampoline

Make a Hanging Bed out of a Trampoline

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You guys voted and given the choice of a fire-pit, hot tub or hanging bed, to put under the Hawaii Treehouse you guys overwhelmingly chose the hanging bed. I looked into it and the hanging beds you see all over Pinterest are upwards of $5,000! So I set out to build my own much, much cheaper version.
Hexagon trampoline
1. Find a trampoline. The space under the trampoline is 15′ x 15′ which means the standard 12′ – 14′ trampolines were too big. I ended up using a 7 1/2 foot hexagon kiddie trampoline. First you’re going to assemble it without the legs. If you’re reusing an old trampoline just take the legs off.
2. I flipped the trampoline upside down so that the legs would be in the air if they were still attached. This is the way you hang it. I fed the rope through those little metal stubs that are for the legs.
3. I used a heavy-duty chain to wraparound a beam and used a big quick link to tie together.

4. After I measured how far off the ground (chair height is good) to the beam I doubled it and then added 2′ of slack to work with. I have six leg holes to work with so I cut three really long pieces of rope. I then thread of the rope down through one leg leaving slack and up through The chain and back down to the opposite leg leaving slack. I repeated that three times. Then taking the slack from every side I pulled up into position and I threaded the rope into itself. I’m sure there’s a number of ways that you could tie it off including a big not at the bottom but this was the easiest way for me.
5. I bought an inexpensive memory foam topper and I cut it to the shape of my trampoline. I then sewed a cover out of an indoor outdoor fabric using the frame as a pattern. I basically cut a hexagon of fabric and then sewed flat pieces to go over the side and ties that would keep it in place. than I added mosquito netting to complete the dreamy look!

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  1. Gwen says:

    Love it. Sorry to my grand daughters, I am sure they will miss the trampoline, but I think they will also enjoy the bedswing.

  2. Creek Stewart says:

    Love this – great idea and so creative!

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  5. diana says:

    Finally, someone who will break down and give complete instructions. Thanks!
    One question, can u elaborate on step#4, “tied it to itself?” Was that a giant knot, or did u stretch across underneath and tie to opposite, or what. This is a first for me. Thanks so much!

    • kristiewp says:

      Hi Diana,

      Absolutely! So the rope went down through the pole and back up and then I threaded into itself. The rope is made of three smaller ropes world together and you can basically just wind the end of the rope back into those three parts of it. That actually might sound more confusing than the original Ha ha ha

  6. pslebow says:

    Kristie – You are a “Frances Lloyd Wright”! Really resonate with your vision. ( My late wife spent part of her childhood in Nampa, lived in a treehouse in the Maui rain forest surviving on papaya and mangoes.) I designed my own house as well and totally get the exhilaration of the freedom to do whatever feels right – convention be damned. Just got back from the Big Island – you are living my fantasy. Maybe I’ll convince my daughter (your age) to dream a little too.

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  8. Diane says:

    Kristi! Hello! Love your spirit!
    On the trampoline bed, I have everything I need except to find a pad for my 8ft round trampoline. The largest I could find was king and it is shy almost a full 12″. Any ideas?

  9. Jane Harkleroad says:

    I like the fact that you recycled/upcycled the trampoline to do this. Very creative!! If affordable, I would put a wooden deck under the bed area. I don’t like getting on any kind of bed with dirt on my shoes or feet (I go barefoot a lot). I know it is not as “adventurous” to do that though! Nice work!

  10. Michele Barnard says:

    Hi Kristie: I am on my way to making this for our Mexico beach house. I am wondering what kind of mosquito net you bought. I am seeing them on amazon but they have a hoop at the top. What did you use for yours? Thanks in advance. Hope you answer.

  11. Diane says:

    I was wondering the same…

  12. Tracie Weaver says:

    I found a good hanging bed idea with pallets I would use 4 for a full mattress. The one I saw was for a twin mattress. You bolt them together and use heavy rope to hang it or you could use chains. Then put a simple mattress I would use a blowup one.and walla.

    • Tracy says:

      Sounds good, doesn’t have to be round. Using a chain at each corner, you have a 4-poster bed already. It also spreads the load out to 4 points for more safety.

  13. Tracy says:

    I found a small work-out sized trampoline. I will do the bed/tent idea. If everything works colse to the ground I can suspend it HIGH up in the trees and create a rope ladder to get there. It may well be that the act of climbing the ladder will clean the feet off…or to Harkleroad, just use a nice doormat on a step. My hope is I can use the trampoline as a small meditation room. I have mosquito net “Sea to Summit Mosquito Pyramid Net” already. I would string up the platform with continuous rope going underneath the frame, because individual knotted pieces are weaker. This might cause the trampoline to be less hammocky, but I don’t mind.

  14. lita says:

    Amaxing off trampoline garage saling this weekend to come untill i find one thank you ubber cool

  15. Liz says:


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  17. wkloc says:

    I have the frame, but not the mat. I need some ideas of how to and what to use for the surface of the bed.

  18. Kim Locke says:

    I have the trampoline but no mat. Can anyone give me an idea on what kind if materials I can use to take it’s place?

  19. miss lita emery says:

    just scored the trampoline for free yipeeee project on

  20. Emily says:

    Thank you for sharing this with use. When I get free time I will try to do by myself.

  21. Ron Portzer says:

    Just thinking, If you can’t find a trampoline you could build a rectangular frame or use a long wooden pallet and an old mattress or foam to construct a bed to enjoy nature.

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