Stay the Night, Save the Rainforest

Stay the Night, Save the Rainforest

I’ve been working on this campaign for a couple months & I’m so excited to announce it!

I’ve partnered with Cool Earth for every night a guest books the treehouse 10 trees will be saved in Papua New Guinea. That’s 3.5 tonnes of Co2 saved every day! 

I knew I wanted to have a charity tie in early on but was trying to navigate through the sometimes contradictory information. Is it better to plant trees or save them? What areas of the world need it most? Etc. 

I finally stumbled upon a book by William MacAskill “Doing good better” it mainly is focused on world health but they did mention how Cool Earth was very strategically saving the rain forest and its people. Very cool..

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  1. paul says:

    That’s great but it is now understood that as much as 51% of all greenhouse gas emission are the result of animal agriculture. A major contributor to this is the rainforest deforestation in order to grow GMO corn and soy for animal feed.

    So go to the tiny house on big Island and even more importantly – go vegan!

  2. If your involved, I want to be involved. Been keeping an eye out for you for some time, your uploads are less frequent. I would love to have the opportunity to chat if your interested and can make the time.

  3. mdhunt says:

    Aloha and Good job, Kristie! Mahalo.

  4. Joan says:


  5. woody says:

    keep up the good work Kristie!

  6. Brian Stewart says:

    I like your tree house !! Totally awesome I built something similar (though smaller) in British Columbia in the bush. and my door hatch was in the center. It was only to practice my new learned carpenter skills and as a getaway from most people (being a bit of a loner at times 😀 Good on you !! I agree it can be very empowering ! :-)

  7. Hannah Henry says:

    I have a few question if you see this and can email me back please.

  8. Frank says:

    Good stewardship of the land and care of animals was first commanded of God, but the carbon footprint theorum is weak, read Genesis 8:22. I do admire your work and positive outlook though.

  9. Doris Rorick says:

    Beautiful and creative work! Question on the tundra cork tiles. Where did you purchase them? The sites that I’ve seen are very expensive.

  10. Jaleesa Harris says:

    how do you book a night?

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