Hobbit House Stay Giveaway!

Hobbit House Stay Giveaway!

Well this is pretty darn exciting! I know I haven’t written much about my latest build but there’s more to come there. 

The first hobbit hole of three planned is built and ready to rent out mid-March & I’m doing a giveaway to kick it all off! 

To enter go to click here

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  1. Nancy says:

    I entered the info., clicked the submit button and nothing happened! :(

  2. I would love that! I hope to build in Hawaii one day. Also, this place looks fabulous! I love this area

  3. Mike says:

    She’s done it again! Vision + ambition + passion means anything can be done… Its brilliant, Kristie. These kinds of projects are *hard* to bring to life. The mental focus and dedication to solving a thousand unique problems is the real challenge… Hats off to you!

  4. Moira says:

    I would love to replicate what you do in Italy (these fantastic and original tiny houses), Would be a perferct location on the shores of Lake Garda, or in the medieval “Città Alta” Bergamo. But I would not know where to start, or whether it is possible in my state.

    I also rent my holiday home on Airbnb, a small apartment in Gran Canaria, in Spain. I added your properties to my favorites 😉

    Anyway… Congratulations for your blog and your ideas.

  5. Dennis Alan says:

    would love to stay here, do you have an airbnb listing? I just started my own self sufficient homestead and youtube channel called http://www.dennisalan.com would love any tips on setting up a great spot like you have here

  6. Brian J. Torreano says:


    I like your tiny house projects a lot! I see that you haven’t posted anything on the tiny houses since about May? Do you have any project(s) that you are currently working on?


  7. Matiu says:

    Kristie, congratulations and well done you.!! The love and energy that you have put into creating the Hobbit house (whare) is inspiring and the attention to detailing finishing touches while maximising natural movements of light and insulation sources whilst balancing density is exquisite. The vista captured upon completion integrates purposeful reasoning for leaving enlightened footprints upon Papatuanuku, a subtle example reflecting complementary of, as above so below. Kristie the give away is already complete via you sharing your skills, passion for building and fruition of your hard work manifest on a public site. The dearth of options evidenced here for family land holdings has taken on a whole new perspective for me. Thank you.

  8. Jim says:

    I hope you do another one of these giveaways, I would love to enter (and win obviously!)

  9. Aaron says:

    Hi there kristie, I have a question. I know the property was 18 grand, but what was the cost of actually building the structure? I know there were a lot of recycled and reStore type of materials used, but I’d like to know what kind of costs you actually had while building this because I’m considering a (larger) version of a hobbit house for my permanent residence on a piece of property I’m considering for purchase, and I’d like have a general idea of how large a budget I might have. (Basically I’m trying to calculate cost of building per square foot)

  10. Megan says:

    I first saw your Hawai’i tree house on Kristen Dirksen’s youtube channel, that I so dearly love, and LOVED your creation. I just saw her piece on your Hobbit village and am absolutely blown away. I eventually want to have a tiny house of my own. Do you ever build for other people? Like if I wanted to hire you? Or at least have you as a design consultant? Your ideas are more than I could ever conceive. I love what you do!!

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