Hobbit Hole: Burying a wood Structure

Hobbit Hole: Burying a wood Structure

I researched a lot of different ways & materials to build the hobbit house.  I ended up going with the least expensive & least cumbersome option which was to do a typical stick build while transforming it into anything but typical. This is how I did it.

Once we carved into the mountainside we laid a layer of gravel & plastic on top of that to build our foundation on. Using 2×6 treated lumber on 12″ centers instead of 2×4’s on 16″ centers, we built our 24′ x 12′ structure which then was sheeted in 3/4″ marine plywood. That made for a crazy sturdy box! We wanted to make sure it would be able to support the amount of dirt that would eventually be covered in.

The next major concern was water & how to keep it out! Once the hobbit hole was buried it would be pretty close to impossible to fix a leak.  I found the solution in Certainteed. We used Certainteed house wrap & ice guard around the entire house. Taping any seams & using there flashing on all the corners. I haven’t seen any flashing like this before it was sticky & stretchy peel stick saved tons of time.

We added a corrugated metal roof just to prevent any rocks in the soil from pin-pricking through just to be safe. We also came up with the idea of using straw bales as yet another barrier between the house and the soil. That accomplished a couple things, one it helped block any big rocks from slamming into the house as well as cut down on the amount of fill it was going to take. The last step was adding french drains all the way around the house & then it was ready to bury!!



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  1. bob dillard says:

    Thank you, Kristie. Wish I was watching the clouds drift by with you.

  2. Michael Lewis says:

    Can’t wait to see the final product. You are such a pioneer. Very impressed.

  3. Thanks for an update. I have been very curious about the project!

  4. davidd says:

    Thank you for posting these details! I’ve been extremely curious about how the Hobbit House was constructed. I’d really like to try something like this myself. Looking forward to more details! And… congratulations on your successful first guest reviews!

  5. william warner says:

    when burying anything be sure of the soil condition and type. clay will swell when wet and crush most things.

  6. Perfect. I was wondering how to keep the water out. Really appreciate the informative update!!

  7. Kat Mao says:

    Kristie, your hobbit house is amazing! I would love to look into building one in the Western Washington area. Did you build it entirely from scratch, and are the house plans/blueprints available for sale? I’d love to build a Shire Community over here, and am wondering how to get started.

  8. Norris Krueger says:

    As always, Kristie, I am impressed!!

  9. Nate says:

    Kristie, as others have said before this is an incredible hobbit hole that you’ve made. My wife and I plan to hopefully build a similar hobbit hole in southern CA, but we sure could use some help. Would you be interested in working as a consultant for our Hobbit Hole and if not could you recommend anyone? We have a myriad of questions ranging from permitting to utilities, and more as I’m sure you did, so any help would be most appreciate.

  10. Nik Summers says:



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    Nik Summers
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  11. Bryan Bresler says:

    Fascinating! My wife and I are buying a home near the Hobbit Inn, less than a mile as the crow flies. Someday I’d like to build a cabin into the side of the mountain just to moderate the temperature – or at least a deep basement. I know this area experiences both hot and cold temperature extremes. I can’t wait to see the Hobbit Inn this spring or summer.

  12. mfnajib3635 says:

    hello there kristie
    i browse the website certainteed to find out the product that u used to cover the structure but sadly i couldnt track which product u used..if you dont mind to clarify, im working on a bunker house on a hillside


  13. Trinidy Jones says:

    I just love your Hobbit Home build. I noticed the article I read said you built this in Boise, Idaho. I live in this city but grew up in they mountains near by. I’d love to tour your home. We also are in the process of purchasing property in the mountains and are wondering if you recommend anyone interested in building a Hobbit Home for us.
    Trinidy Jones

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